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سانترال پاناسونیک فکس پاناسونیک تلفن پاناسونیک سیستم پردازش صدا پاناسونیک دوربین مدار بسته

ریپیتر KX-A405

SKU: KX-A405


ریپیتر پاناسونیک KX-A405

  • افزایش دهنده برد فرکانس تلفن های دکت دارای 4 کانال




The A405 DECT repeater is an ideal solution for when you need to extend the range of your DECT CS (Cell station), to cover areas where reception was previously not available.


The A405 DECT repeater extends the range in all directions, allowing for a wider area to be covered. A single cell station can register up to 6 A405 repeaters while each repeater can support 4 simultaneous transmissions channels.


Connectable to all existing Panasonic Cell Stations. Capable of providing full handover of PBX DECT portable telephones with Cell Stations & telephones (PS).


Capable of bridging two IP-Cell Stations (Air Synchronisation). This is ideal when you need to bridge between:

1. Two floors of an office where there are weak spots.
2. Two buildings, to cover internal weak spots, or an outdoor area between the two locations.


Supported PBX System include: TDE100, TDE200, TYDE600, NCP500X/V, NCP500, NCP1000, TDA100/TDA100D, TDA200 and TDA600.



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